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    Move axum crate into workspace subfolder (#458) · ba4d8a23
    David Pedersen authored
    * Move axum crate into workspace subfolder
    Over time I imagine we're gonna have other crates in this repo that
    provide utilities or integrations for axum. This prepares for that by
    moving the main axum crate into its own folder.
    The README situation is a bit annoying because we want `./README.md`
    for viewing the repo on github but `axum/README.md` for crates.io. For
    now I've just copy/pasted it and added CI step to make sure they're
    * update changelog link
    * Add licenses to all examples
    * is this how you install `diff`?
    * or maybe this is how?
    * fix readme links
    * like this?
    * fix cargo-deny step
    * Try making root readme a symlink
    * remove compare readme step
    not needed since readme in repo root is now a symlink
    * Revert "Add licenses to all examples"
    This reverts commit ab321b7fb9cd9124400adf10914820d409751740.